Nuclear Whale is incoming….

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Its been a long while since I updated the site.

Quite possibly due to the fact that i’ve been concentrating on Cranking out music under the banner of ‘Nuclear Whale’ as a solo artist and Motherbox in a Band with my talented cohorts, Oli Bailey and Boo Cook.

the good news is that i’ve finally finished my solo album and here’s a link to my Soundcloud so you can see more….

The truth about the comic is this. Ive been looking for a publisher for it and thus far have been unsuccessful. Im not sure I can commit to the 100+ pages that i need to do to complete it and for something thats so personal and at times painful to evoke i’m not sure the effort is really worth it, not as a vanity/self publishing effort anyway. I want it to be clear that this may change, I may get my momentum back and I will finish the comic if a publisher, even a fairly small one, can be found.

So that’s the bad news.(from the drawing/painting angle)

The good news, is that i’m back painting again and hope to be updating the painting section very soon with more interesting work that will be for sale.

Thanks for looking anyway!


EDIT-the Paintings are now uploaded, check out a few new pieces in the Art/Painting section…

My Album is now available to buy.

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If you like my art then I’m confident you’ll find something interesting in my album. Check out my soundcloud by clicking on the player above or go here to preview the album and buy it.

Here’s my sleeve notes.

This album of experimental electronica was created over an 18 month period and explores feelings about impending catacylsm, detachment from self, liminal places, piss stained corners of dark alleyways, magical scratches on the sides of buidling, imaginings of what life will be like without motorways and cars.
Mildew smells and smudging lights in the windscreen, cities and clotted, complex reality.
Jorneys to other worlds, strangers in doorways, oscillation in the trees and the bricks.
This is Nuclear Whale.

Coming soon

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Its been a while since I posted here but just to say that the hiatus is ending soon and there will be more content in the next couple of months….time to start the ball rolling again!

Knotts-page 37

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I’m very pleased to announce that this page marks the end of chapter 1.

As announced last week, for the time being I wont be uploading the 2nd chapter but will be instead uploading previews from the upcoming chapters and other features on the site which i’m not announcing right now but am in the process of putting together (it’s fun being incredibly cryptic and obtuse)

It boils down to me needing time to try and find a publisher for the story, to give me time to work on the next two chapters, and also that I dont want to give the whole story away for free.

At this point I would ask kindly that if people have enjoyed reading this far that they leave a comment about what they think. Ive enjoyed putting this together, it’s been hard work, but very rewarding, and sometimes a bit disconcerting, evoking my own childhood.

I know from hit counter that there’s been a few of you visiting here so it would mean a lot if people could leave some kind of remark, it keeps me going on those long evenings when I know i’m not performing to a vacuum!

I sincerely hope that people have enjoyed what they’ve read so far and that if you have enjoyed it that you keep checking back here and buy a copy when its eventually in print (probably a couple of years away from now)

thanks for reading

Jonathan Ridley-November ’11


Knotts- page 36

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I think that I should warn people that next week’s update is the final page of chapter 1 and following next week I will be taking a break as I start to build up a surplus of pages for chapter 2 and spend some time submitting what i’ve done thus far to publishers.

I’ve also made a desicion about whether to publish the rest of the comic in webcomic format.

It goes without saying that there will come a point when I decide to publish this work in print, whether this is as a self publisher or with someone behind me it’s going to happen, and I need to decide whether publishing the whole thing for free on the web is going to enhance my sales or harm them.

My inclination at this time is to not publish anything past chapter 1 and to instead publish extracts/previews from the following chapters so that you can see what’s in store.

In the end , I want to sell this comic when it’s finally finished, and if youve come this far then I would hope that you’d be willing to buy the comic when it’s finally in print.

Anyway, please don’t see this as me giving up, and please follow what’s going on as I will continue to update the site.

And… still 2 more pages to go before the end of chapter 1!

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