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God's second son...called Gavin, he lives in a comet and awaits our extinction...

I just wanted to clarify that the comic currently on the site is not ‘Knotts’, my Graphic novel. Knotts is going to be published as soon as I’ve got the website looking peachy keen and designed the way i want it to be.

The comic currently on show is my short story collection ‘Cold Sweat Day Dreams’ and is a short story collection which I self published over 2 years ago. I previously had it published at where it garnered over 250000 reads.

It’s also the comic where we see the ‘Knott’ family for the first time, but i’ve now cut that story out as I dont want to spoil peoples enjoyment of the ‘main event’ with what I feel that is a solid but scrappy piece of work. Perhaps I will publish it when ‘Knotts’ is finished.

I will, when I get going with Knotts,  be publishing at least 1 comic page a week. along with regular blog posts about other subjects that interest me, and hopefully build up some interaction with other interesting web comics.

I hope to be doing more than 1 page a week and when I get going I’m confident I can get 2 a week out, I just didnt want to make a promise I couldnt keep. What i can say is that i have over 20 pages complete already but they areant coloured, and I have yet to decide on a colour scheme.

Anyway…I should be ready to roll with ‘Knotts’ in about 3 weeks and will be publishing 1 page of Cold Sweat Day Dreams everyday to try and build momentum and provide you, the reader with something to look at and a decent raft of content…Now where did I put my blue pencil…?

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Please be aware that this next story,  ‘All Punched Out’ is very NSFW and very much not for minors or people who are easily offended. its rude and crude like all good seaside postcards…except a bit more disturbing… :-)


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